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3 Reasons To Beef Up Your Business's Storage Components

A busy enterprise like yours can get so wrapped up in critical daily tasks that equally important issues such as safe storage may get lost in the shuffle. But imagine where you'd be if those decades of irreplaceable items in storage were lost or destroyed, or if your less-than-robust storage systems allowed nature to take it course on your archives. Smart storage is strong storage—so here are three reasons you should start looking at more solid solutions from a retailer like Quantum Storage.

1. Pest Proofing

Pest infestations abound in workplaces, and not only in restaurant kitchens. Office file rooms, warehouses, storage cubicles, and other frequently-uninhabited commercial areas can become overrun with a wide range of unwanted guests. Many of these creatures, including termites and rodents, can gnaw their way right through wood, cardboard, and other organic materials—and then they keep going until your precious documents are digested as well.

Chances are that you can't keep your storage areas 100 percent free of vermin at all times, so it only makes sense to invest in the strongest possible storage solutions to keep their teeth out of your stuff. Metal heavy duty storage cabinets are completely pest proof (as long as you don't leave them hanging open, of course), making them a smart option for any business that needs to protect perishable archives or other items. 

2. In Case of Fire

Disaster can strike a business at any time. Lighting, electrical glitches, or employee carelessness can easily start a fire that sweeps through your facility. Are your receipts, records, tools, inventory, and other precious items able to survive direct exposure to flames? If not, then it's time you invested in some fireproof cabinets, lockboxes and safes.

Keep in mind that all fireproof devices are not created equal—they are designed to withstand specific levels of heat. Look for the UL rating on the cabinet or box to determine how much protection it provides. A UL 350 rating, for instance, will allow the heat inside the compartment to attain 350 degrees Fahrenheit maximum —lower than the temperature at which paper will burn. But if you need to store CDs, videotapes, microfilm, and other more delicate forms of media, then you need to purchase a storage system with a UL rating of 125 instead. If you already have a UL 350 cabinet, you can purchase a smaller device called a media cooler to place inside it. This little box provides the additional temperature protection your media needs without forcing you to buy a whole new cabinet.

3. Standing the Test of Time

Any storage cabinet or shelf made of relatively flimsy organic materials can eventually give out on you after years of hard use and/or environmental variation. The wood around metal fasteners can wear out, weakening joints and allowing the product to sag, stand at an angle, or even fail under heavy loads. Moisture can promote warping or deterioration of wood. Even plastic can fall prey to the elements, growing brittle, cracking, and fading under years of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays—and don't even think about what a cardboard banker box looks like after a few good rains. If you want to get years or even decades of service out of your storage components, you need a more permanent solution.

Heavy duty storage cabinets made of steel can resist the forces of Mother Nature far better than their organic counterparts. This doesn't mean that they're invincible, of course. Steel has been known to rust when exposed to moisture, especially salt water, so if you own an outdoor business in a coastal region of the U.S. you'll need to make sure that the product you buy is coated with rust-proof enamel. Keep this enamel in good shape, touching up any scratches as needed, and you can rest assured that your steel cabinet won't rust. You can even eliminate the chance of rust altogether by going with aluminum instead of steel.

The work, time, and money you put into your business represents vote of confidence—confidence in a bright future for yourself and your employees. So invest in sturdy storage solutions today, and reap the benefits for many years to come!