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2 Packaging Materials That Will Keep Your Belongings Pristine

If you are one of the millions of Americans who plan to move this year, you might be dreading the packing process. How will you keep your things clean, organized, and damage-free? Although it might seem like an impossible feat, picking up the right items can make things a lot easier. Here are two packaging materials that will keep your belongings pristine, so you won't have to deal with surprise expenses later:

1: Plastic Stretch Wrap

Have you ever wondered why retailers carefully wrap so many items with plastic stretch wrap? Although it might seem like an easy way to give objects a little shine, the fact of the matter is that this thin plastic wrap can do a lot more. Most plastic stretch wrap is made from linear low-density polyethylene, which is puncture resistant and incredible strong. In fact, some films can be stretched to 500% their original size without breaking. Here are some ways plastic stretch wrap can help you to keep your things safe during your journey:

  • Cleaner Objects: By surrounding your furniture and knick-knacks with a few layers of plastic stretch wrap, you can protect them from the elements. If it rains on your moving day or the back of the truck is dusty, the wrap will get dirty and keep your item sparkling clean. When you arrive to your destination, you can simply whisk away the stretch wrap along with any accumulated dirt.
  • Keeps Doors and Drawers in Place: It isn't always easy to move large objects with moving parts like doors and drawers. In addition to fitting dressers and pianos through entryways, you might also have to worry about that drawer falling open at the wrong time. However, by wrapping items tightly with plastic stretch wrap, you can keep doors closed and drawers from opening.  
  • Protects From Damage: When you are moving heavy furniture, scratches can happen in an instant. However, if you protect your items with plastic stretch wrap, you can create a barrier between those carefully sanded wooden surfaces and sharp foreign objects.

Another great thing about plastic stretch wrap is that it sticks to itself, so you won't have to worry about tracking down packing tape every time you want to wrap an item.

2: Packing Paper

To protect glass from impact, you might be thinking about picking up a few giant bags of packing peanuts. Unfortunately, those tiny foam pellets can be messy and pose choking hazards to young children. However, you can create layers of cushioning by crinkling up a few sheets of packing paper. Here are a few reasons some people prefer packing paper to other cushioning materials, and how it can make your moving day a little easier:

  • Rolls Take Up Less Space: One of the best things about packing paper is that you create the volume when you crinkle up the sheets. Instead of hauling large bags of packing peanuts through your home and hoping your kids don't use them as beanbag chairs, all you need to do is stash your packing paper roll near the area where you are working. Rolls of packing paper can even be stored overhead, so that your supplies stay out of the way.
  • Cleaner Packing: When you fill a box with packing peanuts, it might feel like a guessing game. Unfortunately, if you overfill your package, you might end up looking around for a dustpan and a broom. However, when you use packing paper, you can tear off what you need and custom form it for your package without making a mess.

By using the right packaging materials, you can protect your things from damage during your journey and focus on other things. Check out a packing supplies retailer online at a site like http://www.securityselfstorageelginil.com/ to get the materials you need.