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Why You Should Hire Professional Piano Movers

Moving a piano is a challenging task. Unfortunately, most people assume that they can move a piano with the help of friends or relatives. Navigating tight spaces or carrying a piano down a flight of stairs is complicated. Besides, its awkward shape and heavy nature can make it more difficult to move.

That said, you should enlist the help of professional piano movers instead of doing it yourself. Here is why hiring professional piano movers is the right thing to do.

Pianos Are Expensive

You have to pay a fortune to own a decent piano. Surprisingly, some pianos will cost thousands of dollars, depending on the model, size, and features. With that in mind, it doesn't make sense to risk damaging your piano during a move. So, hire professional piano movers instead of asking your friends to help you move it. This way you'll be protecting your precious musical instrument from unnecessary damage.

They Are So Heavy and Oversized

You can easily tell your piano is pretty large and heavy just by looking at it. A piano's size alone can be pretty intimidating. Now imagine how difficult it can be to maneuver tight spaces while carrying a piano. Maybe you are trying to squeeze it in a lift or move it down a flight of stairs—that's a lot of work.

Additionally, pianos are made using heavy materials. For instance, some components are made of cast iron, while the entire casing is solid wood. As such, you can expect large pianos to weigh up to 1,400 pounds—lifting such weight is no joke. Hiring professional piano movers will make your work easier as they will use specialized lifting equipment to move your piano.

Safety Purposes

The fact that pianos are heavy and oversized means you can get injured when lifting or moving them. While deaths by falling pianos are rare, it doesn't mean they can't happen. That said, you shouldn't risk your life trying to save some money. You can even end up hurting your back or leg in the process. Ensure that you protect yourself and your friends by using the services of professional piano movers.

Pianos Are Delicate

Pianos might look strong, but they are so delicate. Apart from having 88 keys, most pianos have over 10,000 moving parts. Unfortunately, these parts are delicate and must be protected during a move. Also, a piano's legs are fragile and can break pretty easily. That said, you should always have professionals move your piano to avoid damaging the delicate parts.

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