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3 Things You Should Do Before Moving Day

While preparing for a move, you may start feeling overwhelmed at everything you need to do. Instead of waiting until the day before to do everything, there are three things you can do a week before moving day to ease your workload and help make things go smoother.

Make Your To-Do List

If you have not already done so, make a moving to-list. You can keep this list on your computer, in a cell phone app, or inside an old-fashioned notebook. It does not matter where you keep your list, as long as you have one.

Once you have selected your medium, sit down and think about everything you need to do before the move. Type or write everything down as soon as it pops in your head.

Things you could include in this list includes what should be done in each room, what you should pack for you and your family member's overnight bags, and when you need to call the utility companies for both your old and new home. At the top of the list, also add the two items discussed below.

Change Your Address

While you may not think about it until you arrive at your new home, you should fill out your change of address form a week before your moving date. This gives the post office time to receive the form and process your request.

If you wait until after you move to change your address, you may not receive all of your mail. You do not want to risk losing an important bill or letter that was delivered to your old house before the mail forwarding system is set up.

Stop Buying Groceries

While you still need to eat the week before your move, refrain from going on a large grocery shopping trip. The more groceries you buy, the more you have to deal with during your move. This can especially prove difficult if you have a lot of frozen meat or ice cream.

When you do buy food, only buy a couple of days out. However, you may want to stay away from buying food that needs a lot of prep work and pans. Since these items will be packed up soon, it can save you a lot of cleaning while you are trying to do a thousand other things preparing for your move.

Doing these few things a week before you move can help relieve some of the stress and burdens of the big day. If you need more advice on organizing and planning your move, contact the movers you will be using to ask for tips for preparing and packing your home.