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Things That Might Delay Your Move

Moving is extremely stressful, tiring, and a major life event. When you plan ahead and remain organized, the moving process can be a "piece of cake." Even with the best-laid plans, however, glitches in your plan can occur, delaying the process. Here are things that may delay your move, and what you can do about them:

Protecting Expensive Items

You need to take it upon yourself to protect your valuables and not count on the moving company to do so. Accidents can happen, and it is up to you to make sure that all your valuable items have been insured against breakage or loss, prior to moving day. Another important thing you can do before your movers arrive is to back up your files on your computer.

If something happens to your computer en route to your new home, your files may be completely wiped out if you don't back your files up beforehand. While the movers will carefully wrap your fragile items with plastic and thick moving blankets, the unexpected can happen.

While not common, thieves can steal your items right off the moving truck, which is why it is so important to contact your insurance company to make sure valuables are properly insured before they're loaded onto the truck. To avoid delay caused by theft off the moving truck, always have someone guarding the contents so that your items will be safe. 

Arranging Pet Care

If you have a pet, secure a pet sitter so that on moving day you can relax, knowing that your pet is safe. Moving day can be traumatic for pets, especially for dogs and cats. Not only can they become anxious or agitated, they may even get lost during the commotion.

While you can appoint a family member or friend to sit for your pet in a quiet room in your home, it may be better for the pets to be removed from the home you are moving from and brought to another location, where they will feel relaxed and safe. 

For example, if your dog enjoys going to "doggy daycare," take your dog there on moving day, where they will interact and play with other dogs. If left at home during moving day, your dog may become extremely fearful and may even become aggressive toward the movers.  Also, if you are unable to find an acceptable "kitty daycare" facility to watch your cat, keeping it in its carrier may help keep it calm and safe during the move.

Call Mighty Movers LLC well in advance of your moving day so that any problems or concerns can be addressed in a timely manner. When you are well-organized and prepared, your moving day is more likely to be stress-free and pleasant.