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How To Move Locally In A Single Weekend

Not everyone has the luxury of planning out and implementing a local move over weeks or months. If you need to move locally but only have a weekend to complete the process, then you must implement some time-saving practices while cutting as few corners as possible. The following tips can help you out with this looming task.

Bring In Professional Packers

Packing is arguably the most time-consuming part of any move, especially if you are trying to tackle this on your own. If you only have two days to move, bring in some professional packers to help you on day one. The packers typically bring the supplies, as well, so you won't lose time hunting down additional boxes. Professional packers also move quickly. They can pack up an entire home within a few hours. This will give you time for other tasks, such as preparing your new place for move-in.

If you live in a small place, you may even be able to complete your move in one day — packing in the morning and transport in the afternoon.

Splurge on Full Service

Your friends are great but they do not have the skills, knowledge, or tools that professional movers bring to the table. When time is of the essence, go for a full-service mover. You won't have to waste any time picking up a rental truck or gassing it up at the end of the day. The movers will also bring everything necessary for the move, including dollies, moving straps, and furniture blankets. Depending on the amount of stuff you own, they will likely take everything over in a single truckload, further saving you on the back and forth transportation time.

Consider Assembly & Hookup services

After packing, unpacking can be the next most time-consuming part of your move. You can save time here and be mostly unpacked and settled in by the end of the weekend if you get help from the moving company. Assembly and hookup services mean that the movers don't just drop off everything and leave. They put together your bed and other furniture, hook up things like the TV, and they may even help move items into place. You can unpack the small stuff, such as the kitchen, while the movers handle the difficult and time-consuming work of putting things back together.

For more help in planning a local move, contact a full-service moving company near you.