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Misconceptions About Storage Units and Storage Facilities

When someone suggests you rent a storage unit, how do you react? If you feel worried, there's a good chance you've been misinformed. Storage units are a safe way to store your stuff, and they're far more versatile than many people realize. There's a good chance you've been turned off by one of these statements or ideas, which are simply not true. Read on to debunk misconceptions about storage units and storage facilities. 

Storage units are not safe.

Are you imagining someone stealing your things? Maybe this used to happen back in the day, but it's a very rare occurrence now. Storage facilities put a lot of effort into security. Most are essentially decorated in security cameras, so anything that happens is caught on film. Some have gates that require you to enter an access code before entering the facility, and they all require you to keep a lock on your unit. Your stuff is safe at a storage facility — in fact, it might be even safer in a unit than it is in your own garage.

Storage units require a long-term commitment.

Have you heard you have to sign a one-year lease on a storage unit? This is simply untrue in most cases. Yes, you might get a better deal if you pay for a year up-front or agree to rent a unit for an entire year. However, many storage facilities allow customers to rent and pay by the month. As soon as you're done with the storage space, you collect your things, and then you stop making payments. This makes storage units a great choice for anyone who needs some extra space to stash things during a move.

Storage units leave your things moldy.

Yes, some people may find that their items are moldy after removing them from storage. But this is typically because those people made some mistakes with their storage. For example, it's important to choose a climate-controlled unit if you're storing anything plush that can absorb moisture. Also, you need to make sure everything you put inside the storage unit is dry. Even a little moisture can perpetuate mold. If you follow these steps, you shouldn't have trouble with mold growth in the storage unit, whether you store things for a month or a year.

The above statements are common misconceptions about storage units, and you should not let them inform your decision as to whether renting a unit is right for you. Visit a storage facility like Carolina Self Storage to learn more.